Art Director

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Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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Our Beauty Crew

Meet... Yonna, Lyric, Vanessa & Miss Cookie

The Color Studio Salon is staffed by boss babes who are at the top of the hair game! We work as a team and are dedicated in providing a great time while letting us fix your crown!

Our business here is pretty unique! The Color Studio Salon & Suites works like two businesses in one. Which includes a hair salon in the front and studio suites in the back that offers services not provided by the salon.

Our mission here is to empower each woman/men that walks in. Whether it's getting a beauty service that can boot your confidence or just feel the powerful empowering energy of all the successful boss babes that work here!

We are proud to have created a space to inspire and motivate not only each one of our supporters that walk in, but for us as well. The Color Studio started on a leap of faith that lead one women to becoming that powerful, confident boss babe she was always meant to be! When you work hard and be kind, amazing things will happen!


Vanessa Lee Flores

La Jefa /Phase 3 Stylist

Chase those dreams and believe in yourself, you never know where it could take you! Five years ago I left my beauty school instructor career behind and took the biggest step in my life going behind the chair. To those of you who are not in the beauty industry that means I left my comfortable salary job and went commission working at a salon with no clientele. There were days I remember leaving the salon crying in my car because I was literally there all day and had either no one sit in my chair or just a few come in throughout the week. I'm not lying when I say I would collect at least two to three paychecks before cashing them out in the beginning because I was to embarrassed of how little I was making. I was determined to be successful and never said no to anything in the beginning even pedicures. When no one wanted to do them I said yes :) because you never know in conversation they might need their hair done. After two years of hard work I was able to leave and start my own journey opening up The Color Studio back on January 2, 2018. Let me tell you consistency is key because now after another two years of hard work I took the next biggest step in my life and officially opened The Color Studio Salon January 2, 2021! My dream vision for the salon is for a whole bunch of boss babes together in a space getting our lady hustle on and supporting eah each other. When you work hard be kind and amazing things will happen!



Phase 2 Stylist

 Minneapolis native turned Texan. Starting in finance as a credit analyst, I received my cosmetology license in 2014 and never looked back. In 2018 I moved to San Antonio to pursue barbering. I have a bold outlook on life and have used my license to go above and beyond in the elements of personal imagery. Knowing that all beauty starts on the inside I strive to bring out the inner God and Goddess in every single client. This is my passion; this is my story. Now let me help you create yours.



Phase 2 Stylist

When I was a little girl  I loved to play beauty shop. I enjoyed doing make up and hair. As I got older I got more into the beauty industry. I was bullied my whole child hood and I've always had very low self esteem because of it. As soon as I was introduced to the beauty industry, I realized just how beautiful and how good I could feel about myself. I realized the true meaning behind hair and makeup! For me it is an art. A way of expressing myself and showing what kind of talents I have. This became my passion in life! After high school I attended Paul Mitchell beauty school for 11 months. Right after I started full time in a salon for five years. It was time for a change and that’s when I decided to move to The Color Studio. I needed something new, fresh and positive! Because I am a very detail oriented person, I want my clients to leave feeling beautiful about themselves. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and in my eyes, doing hair and makeup can only enhance the natural beauty that everyone possess inside! I find great joy in being the person chosen to beautify those that seek my help. Handing out confidence with a twist of the wrist and a stroke of a brush to every one of my clients, friends and family. That brings me the most joy and happiness beyond words!

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